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Print a Financing Questionnaire

New! Print a Financing Questionnaire and fax it to us for a rapid evaluation of the best way to help you own one of our homes.

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Special Financing Incentives

We can help you own your new home even if you have less than perfect credit.

It is a reality for many good people that due to extenuating circumstances, their credit is damaged. We understand that and have some unique methods to help you buy a home in spite of this reality.

All of our Special Financing Options include the following features:

  • NO Balloon Note: Take as long as you need to refinance. You WON'T be forced to move in a year or two, just because you haven't refinanced yet. This protects your investment in this home. You can choose to stay with our Owner Financing for the full 30 years if you like.

  • ALL closings are handled by a professional Title Company: This makes sure that all of the paperwork is done correctly and again protects your interest in this home. No worrying that you won't really get this home after you have been paying on it for years.

  • Fixed Interest Rates: It is a pretty safe bet that interest rates will rise in the near future. Don't get caught not knowing how high your payment will go.

  • No "Buydowns", "Pre-Paids", or other common gimmicks used by builders to get you into a home with an artificially low payment only to find that in 2 - 3 years your payment is $300 - $400 more than where you started. This builder tactic is probably the cause of more foreclosures in the state of Indiana than any other factor.

  • We set you up to WIN: Whether you take advantage of our Guaranteed Approval Program, Owner Financing, or Private Mortgage Options we always work to help you clean up any past problems, establish new credit, and put you in a position to refinance into a regular low rate mortgage.

We challenge you to compare us to any other FSBO seller out there. You will not find a more comprehensive and professional seller in the market today. In fact you should ask them about these very important buying points because once you do we know that you will be buying from us.

Know EXACTLY what you are getting. Buy your next home from OwnerWanted.com

 If you are committed to owning your own house, we're committed to helping you. Here are some of the ways we can help...

For more info on our programs see the links below.

Guaranteed Approval Program

Our newest and most popular funding option! We now have the ability to give you a Guaranteed Approval on most of our houses. The terms on these programs are absolutely amazing! You can buy one of our houses ABSOLUTELY REGARDLESS OF PAST CREDIT.

Here are just some of the situations that we can help with:

  • IRS Tax Liens - OK
  • Current Bankruptcy - OK
  • Recent Foreclosure - OK
  • No Social Security Number - OK
  • Foreign Nationals - OK
  • No Credit Score - OK
  • Super Low Credit Scores - OK
  • Extremely UGLY Credit - OK

There is absolutely NO CREDIT CHECK and NO INCOME VERIFICATION at all on this program.

How can we offer this?

The answer is simple. Your down-payment is the security in this deal. In other words, your money is your credit.

Because we are not a bank or institutional lender - we don't care where you get the money (as long as it's legal of course). In fact, we now accept credit cards for down-payments.

The only things we need are your down-payment and 3 character references - That's It!!!

  • Your payments are set up with a low and very reasonable interest rate.

  • We help you get your overall credit issues resolved and then help you refinance into a conventional mortgage loan at a lower rate

  • You get to own your home now and start building equity today

  • We can have you in one of our homes in a matter of only days


We challenge you to find anybody out there that can even come close to this kind of financing option.

We also have many other options available to help you own a home without having to go to the bank. See the rest of our programs below.

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Private Mortgage








Another one of our extremely popular funding options! We have the ability to give you a Private Mortgage on many of our houses. The terms on these mortgages are absolutely amazing! We make these loans almost REGARDLESS OF PAST CREDIT.

If you can meet the following criteria, we can have you in one of our beautiful homes in just about a week:

  • A Job

  • Enough Income to make the payments

  • A Down-Payment. This is the primary factor in your qualification as it is the only real security we have in this otherwise crazy offer. The more money you have to put down, the more credit problems we can overlook. Unlike a bank, we don't care where you get the money. In fact, we now accept credit cards for down-payments.

We offer very low rates and the lowest closing costs you will find anywhere. Call us today at 317-331-9636 for a rapid qualification or Click Here to fill out our Home Purchase Form.

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Partial Owner Financing

Another of our more popular financing solutions. By financing a large portion of the overall purchase price of your home ourselves we are able to allow homebuyers the best balance between their down payment and their monthly payments. 

The way it works is simple.  Most banks have programs that allow people to borrow between 95 percent and 100 percent of the money they need to purchase a home. The problem is, that these programs require good to excellent credit.  At the same time we have access to lending programs that will allow you to borrow 80 percent to 90 percent of the money and will allow us to loan you most of the rest of the money.  What this translates to is a relatively low down payment requirement. In some cases, this can be as little as $500.00. 

This program is available to people who have had credit problems, but whose credit is not severely damaged. 

We understand these programs thoroughly. You would be surprised at some of the situations which we have accepted under this program. The best way to determine if we can help you this way is to fill out the short questionnaire which you can download here and fax to us at (775) 295-3961.

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Down Payment Assistance

We may be able to help you minimize the amount of money that you must bring for a down payment by providing you with down payment and closing cost assistance. We will always try to help every customer in this area. The best way to determine if we can help you this way is to call us at 317-331-9636.

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Complete Owner Financing

If your credit is severely damaged this may be the only route you have to homeownership.  For example, if you recently completed a bankruptcy, lost a home to foreclosure, or are severely behind on many of your bills, we may still be able to help. The two major criteria that you must be able to meet are:

  1. You must be able to demonstrate enough income to make the monthly payments on your new home.

  2. Your down payment is our only security that you will not default on this house. Because of that, you must be able to bring a substantial down payment to the deal. Unlike a bank, we are not going to require that you show us where the money has been for the last two months, or dictate that you cannot receive the money as a gift or loan from family. We are primarily concerned with obligating you to the home.

These programs would also include Lease Purchase, Rent to Own, Land Contracts, Contract for Deed, or Full Recorded Mortgages.

Let us work with your situation to tailor the solution that fits you best.

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We will accept almost anything of value in trade for your down payment. 

Do you have a house that you must sell before you can buy another? Are you able to afford a monthly payment but have very little cash to put down? We can help. 

We will trade for land or other houses (even if you still owe the bank money).

We will trade for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATV's, etc. 

We will trade for guns, computers, jewelry and like items.

We are open to most trades as long as they can meet a few simple criteria:

  1. You must own the item free and clear with no liens (except Real Estate).

  2. You must have proof of ownership.

  3. The item must be in good condition.

  4. We must determine that it is an item that we want. 

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We are open to your ideas

Is your situation unique and not covered by any of the Special Financing Incentives we outlined above? We are open to your ideas on how we can help you buy your next home from us. Just remember, it has to benefit everyone in the deal to make it a good suggestion. E-mail Us with your name and phone contact information, the home you are interested in, and a brief description of your proposition. If we like it, we will call you shortly.

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